首页 展会报道 关于“Fashion Source第22届深圳国际服装供应链博览会/第7届深圳原创设计时装周”延期举办的通告

关于“Fashion Source第22届深圳国际服装供应链博览会/第7届深圳原创设计时装周”延期举办的通告

核心提示:原定于2020年5月7-9日在深圳会展中心举办的“Fashion Source第22届深圳国际服装供应链博览会、第7届深圳原创设计时装周“延期至2020年11月25-27日在深圳会展中心举办

关于“Fashion Source第22届深圳国际服装供应链博览会/第7届深圳原创设计时装周”延期举办的通告

Announcement on Postponement

of The 22nd Fashion Source Shenzhen International Exhibition for Clothing Supply Chain and The 7th Shenzhen Original Design Fashion Week


Dear exhibitors, visitors and partners,

衷心感谢广大海内外参展商、专业买家和业内朋友们二十年来对Fashion Source深圳国际服装供应链博览会/深圳原创设计时装周”的鼎力支持和厚爱。

We are grateful to you for your support and approval to Fashion Source Shenzhen International Exhibition For Clothing Supply Chain(hereinafter referred to as “Fashion Source”) and Shenzhen Original Design Fashion Week over the past 20 years.


The wide spread of COVID-19 seems to have brought the development of fashion industry to a halt. The situation here in China is under control by now after the hard fight joined by all Chinese citizens, but the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic around the rest of the world shows no mercy for the time being. Therefore, the epidemic situation still remains grim and complex in China.

当前,Fashion Source2020春季展已经完成了招展、招商的筹备工作,做好了正常开展的准备工作,同时我们也密切关注深圳市疫情防控指挥部、深圳市商务局、深圳会展中心、公安、消防等行政主管部门的相关通告,一直没有接到正常举办展会的可执行政策,鉴于目前开展时间临近,疫情防控压力仍然较大的情况下,为响应政府进一步落实当前疫情的防控工作,保障参展商、观众及合作伙伴的健康安全、保证展览会举办效果,我们遗憾的决定:原定于202057-9日在深圳会展中心举办的“Fashion Source22届深圳国际服装供应链博览会、第7届深圳原创设计时装周“延期至20201125-27日在深圳会展中心举办,主办方将积极做好各项后续服务,优化展会活动和品质,待秋季呈现一个更高规格、更大规模(深圳会展中心全馆110,000平方米)的全球时尚贸易盛会,请广大参展商及行业同仁给予理解和支持。

Fashion Source 2020 spring edition is well prepared as its exhibitor invitation workflow scheduled. We have been paying close attention to the announcements or notices made by the related administration departments of Shenzhen Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Shenzhen Fire, etc. So far, restrictions on massive gathering such as exhibitions are still tight. Even though the opening ceremony is approching, we should not lower our guard or relax control and epidemic containment should remain on high alert. Following the government’s further control work and considering the protection of the health and safety of our exhibitors, visitors and partners, we are sorry to announce that The 22nd Fashion Source Shenzhen International Exhibition for Clothing Supply Chain and The 7th Shenzhen Original Design Fashion Week, which were due to be held on May 7 - 9, 2020 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, will be postponed to November 25 - 27, 2020. We will actively provide follow-up service and continuously improve the quality of Fashion Source so as to present a global fashion trade event with higher standard and lager scale (Hall 1-9, exhibition area over 110,000 m2). Your understanding and support is much appreciated.

“一切都是瞬息,一切都会过去”,2020注定是机遇与挑战的一年,Fashion Source中、法团队将携手发挥20余年沉淀的行业资源,为产业上下游企业做好市场开拓,愿与亲爱的参展商伙伴守望相助,并肩偕行。

“All will pass by and everything will be over.“ 2020 is a year full of opportunities and challenges. Fashion Source integrates all the industry resources embraced by both teams in China and in France and dedicates in helping enterprises from the clothing industry on marketing and merchandising. We are willing to work closely with you and support each other in the future ahead.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay and thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation. Our sales team remains at your disposal in case any question occurs to you.



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